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How I Got an Opportunity to Work in One of India’s Popular OTT Giant Application!?

In the dynamic realm of digital entertainment, sometimes the best opportunities arrive when you least anticipate them. Today, I’m excited to share how a single interview led to an exciting partnership with a popular OTT platform, a prominent OTT platform in the world of OTT, and a valued client of our company.

Setting the Stage:

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of digital entertainment. My connection with SonyLIV started with a regular interview, but I had no clue that it would open the door to working with a major player in the entertainment industry.

Preparation and Anticipation:

As the interview got closer, I learned about SonyLIV’s big role in online entertainment. They’re known for having lots of interesting content, which made me even more excited about the chance to join a top-quality platform.


Discovering Common Ground:

During the interview, it became clear that SonyLIV’s goals and my skills were a perfect match. Our conversation shifted to shared goals – creating software that connects, grabs attention, and makes a lasting impact.

From Interviewee to Prospective Partner:

In later interviews, I saw a chance to go beyond regular business collaborations with SonyLIV. Their sincere interest in what I had to say showed that this wasn’t just a job, but a way to add to a platform that shapes how people enjoy entertainment.


The Thrilling Confirmation:

Finally, the big news came on my skype first – I was chosen to work with SonyLIV on behalf of my company. This confirmed my skills and showed that what I bring to the table could impact how people consume content all over the country and enjoy it on their screens.

Embracing the Future:

As I get ready to start this team effort with SonyLIV, I’m buzzing with excitement. Being able to share what I know on a platform that changed how we enjoy digital entertainment feels like joining a story that’s still unfolding.

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From a basic interviewee to a possible partner with SonyLIV, my journey shows that interviews are more than just skill tests – they’re about making connections with similar goals. The thrill of adding to a platform loved by many drives me, and I welcome you to be part of this exciting journey.


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