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5 Books To Read For Better Mental Health – Before Reaching 30!

It’s 2 am, after scrolling up, down, Tapping left & right, and watching all those fantasy movies, Series and doing every other thing which releases dopamine inside our head, We finally decide to go to sleep.

The lights are off, The doors are shut. It’s only you with your pillow in the darkness.

There comes a voice from your head…

“Why am I not as successful as the people I admire”…..

“Why did that happen to me”

“Why have I got, such a toxic boss”

“Why does my nose look bigger”

“Why am I…this, that & then we get trapped into that stressful hole.

(Especially in this quarantine period)

There are many different ways to lower such stressful situations, Or even make them completely disappear.

One of the effective & easiest ways is “ Book reading”.

Trust me, Book reading has changed my life in many different ways.


Books give us a stable source of companionship to fight back against loneliness.


It improves memory, Increases mental health, Boosts our sleep and the list goes on and on, Which we will cover in the upcoming articles.

One must invest at least 30 minutes into book reading every single day.

Here are top 5 book suggestions which everyone must read before turning 30.






Attitude is everything

Written by Jeff Keller

The Rudest Book Ever

Written by Shwetabh Gangwar

The 50th Law

Wriiten by 50 Cent & Robert Greene

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Wriiten by by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

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