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How Do I Become A Video Editor Or Motion Designer In India | Do We Actually Get Paid Well In This Field?


What was the last time when you were excited by watching a video.. 

When was it that you got stunned by watching a motion design.

The videos are cleverly arranged & manipulated by a video editor, Which gives emotions & excitement for us to watch.

A motion graphic designer does a similar magic of moving the shapes with incredible Color combinations in tremendous ways that look pleasing to our eyes.



Want to know how you can become one of them, You have came to the right place.

How do I become ?


There are 2 ways to become a motion designer or video editor


The first path

If you are starting as a novice, You can join any nearby reputed institutes which are providing approved certificates.

You can check shiksha.com for more details


I come from a middle class family the fees are too high?


Than comes the second path

Well if you are really passionate and you already know some of the basic stuffs in premiere pro, after effects, or Adobe animate, Which you have learned through online videos.

Than my friend you are really passionate in this field, keep working.

After completing your degree in any field

You can level up your knowledge by investing a little bit on yourself by signing up on websites which provides premium courses,

Some of my best website recommendations which can 5x your skills.

Coming from a middle class family, Courses in motion design school and school of motion are way too pricy. How can I afford such courses?


Well my friend the internet is vast you can get those courses, Hope you are getting my point.


Start for free

Yes, The word free is powerful. You can do free stuffs for your friends or collegues while starting, to get people know about you, You can use those works to showcase on your portfolio.


Building a portfolio.


Build a strong portfolio which you can showcase on platforms like behance, dribble, or any social media platform in which you are really active.

Once you are confident with your skills and stuffs, You can start a website to showcase and attract more people.


Where will I get the job with these skills?


There are many different opportunities. You can apply jobs in social media agency,  pr agency or any brand which are recruiting for the specified role

One can do their work on films, as it is very  competitive, You have to keep working hard.



How much could I make? 

You can get paid starting from 15k to 75k and even more if you are working for a well known brand.

Motion designer gets paid more as compared to Video editors as per payscale.

It may differ as per skills and experiences.


How much do freelancers get paid?


Well, If you have a robust portfolio and have great confidence on your skills you can charge accordingly per day, per hour or per project.


I charge accordingly for graphic designing works.

For post video works, I charge per day of 7k for my clients after 5 years of experience and it increases as per the brand & it’s requirement.


My thoughts and opinions for beginners who are just starting-up.


1. Keep practicing that’s the only way to sharpen your skills.

2. Keep the trend in your work-style or else you are retired from this field.

3. Don’t get frustrated when things don’t go the way you want, The outcome can be even better if you keep trying.

4. ( Jack of all trades, master of none) be an expert in one software and keep the useful knowledge of other tools.

5. Start from small softwares.

6. Instead of wasting money on unwanted things, Save those money and buy a good system, Which can handle those tools properly. It will be your lifetime asset.


If you had came this far reading, you are really passionate about becoming a Video-editor or motion designer. I request you to bookmark this page as I will be updating every now and than, Whenever I get new informations. 


If you have any further questions on this article, Please feel free to Leave a comment, I will be happy to help you out.


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