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The Top Three Rules Followed By Highly Paid Graphic Designers & Ui Designers


Even though graphic designing is a competitive field in India, There are some big players in the market who get paid even in lakhs,

Despite being punctual, consistent, good at communication skills, there are some other aspects a highly paid graphic designer has for being more valued,

What are the things that beginner graphic designers lack for being left-back?


Let’s see the top three rules followed by a highly paid graphic designer and Ui designer.

Rule no. 3 

Following the trends

Yes, As a beginner graphic designer we start making some great designs on our own and start imagining we are the best in this work, Ever happened? Well, things don’t work that way, There are certain styles which we humans are already attached with. 

websites that are helpful to get the latest trends in digital designs

1. Social samosa

2. Pinterest

3. Behance

4. awwwards

5. Masterpicks

If you are not using trends in your designs, It’s time to level up.

Rule no. 2

Using premium fonts and images

The image on the left side is a perfect example of how an image shouldn’t look. If you have to be more valued. Using premium fonts and Images always put a great impression on the viewer.

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Good business man knows how good designs benefits an organization.

Rule no. 1

Using design principles

The main rule followed by a professional graphic designer or Ui designer is using designing principles like Visual hierarchy, Alignment, Contrast, Repetition, Typography, etc. These principles are effective when used wisely.

We will be looking in detail at this in our upcoming articles.


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