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How Colors Play An Important Role In Human Emotions!?


Have you ever thought, Why mostly banks, social media, and payments apps like SBI, Paytm, Razorpay, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc uses blue color and whereas herbal and natural products are in green color?

And Why food brands like Zomato, Pizza hut & Swiggy, etc uses colors like red and orange for their branding?

There are certain colors to which we humans are knowingly or unknowingly attached with.

This principle may sound simple but has a huge impact on an overall design, This can be used while branding or creating a design for a brand or company to gain more attention and trust.

Blue is universally popular and perceived by a large number of people

1. The color blue

 stands for loyalty, trust, Wisdom, Security, Honesty, Draw attention, Joy

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2. Black

stands for – Power, control, In combination with other colors, Hide feelings, Discipline, Elegance

3. White

stands for – Hope, purity, simplicity, Openness, Clarity, Innocence, New beginnings

4. Red

stands for – Excitement, Energy, Passion, Food, Create urgency, Encourage

5. Orange

stands for – Stimulate, Art, Fun, Creativity, Draw attention, Sports, Food, Entertainment

6. Yellow

stands for – Opportunity, enthusiasm, Energize, Awake awareness, Food, Travel, Positivity

7. Pink

stands for – Love, Beauty, Fashion, Playful, Women products, Motivate action

8. Violet

stands for – Compassion, Inspire, Mystery, Luxury, Imagination, spirituality


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