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Top 5 Principles That Can Make Any Animation Re-watch!


When it comes to motion design, Sometimes we don’t give much attention, Just for the reason that it seems too illogical for our human eyes. However, we can make any motion design re-watched by the viewers by giving it a slight logical human feeling.

In the 1930s, Two big animators from Disney named Frank  Thomas and Ollie Johnston invented 12 principles for motion designs.

Today we are looking at the top 5 principles which can make your creative look even cooler.




As humans we don’t move linearly, Same principle we can use in motion designs,  we should not keep the speed constant throughout, As this may look illogical to our human eyes.





As humans when we start moving, We give a slight acceleration by moving back, It gives more of a human feeling when this principle is executed. This is one of the main principles used in most of the animation.





While making a large object or character move. The secondary objects should continue their movements which gives more of a human feeling.

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Secondary action


There is always a second action going, When there is an action. Which makes an animation even more interesting. This action must not overpower the main action. as shown in the above example.



Squash and Stretch


One of the main principle which is used almost in every animation, The logic is simple here, The object is always stretched while in a sudden stop or stretched, An object always squashes while fallen or having an unexpected stop.

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