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5 Signs Of A Sigma Male | Secrets Of Quiet And Mysterious Personalities

As most of our articles are only about designs, It’s also Crucial to know about our archetype and the people around us, 

There’s that one guy around us, who’s quite, mysterious, alone, looks weak but surprises everyone with his confidence.

Those male personalities who cannot be judged by appearance are known as the “Sigma male”.


Here are the 5 signs of a Sigma male personality

1. The lone wolf attitude

Sigma males don’t depend on anyone, they are not that much into social media, Sigma males never follow the herds, they always go the opposite way.

They are great absorbers, they keep absorbing almost everything and notice every tiny detail.

Nobody knows their true personality they are like water, like Bruce Lee says. They adapt themselves to the surrounding, they are out of drama but they never step back from conflicts.

They don’t get attached easily or take anything too personally, They travel alone far, not for enjoying but for getting the experiences. They don’t want leadership nor do they want to be led.

2. Mysterious

A Sigma male doesn’t allow himself to be read by others even if he allows 30%, the remaining 70% remains mysterious,

No matter if he is a loser or a winner his mysterious personality makes people keep thinking especially women.

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3. Independent

They don’t care what the people think about them nor do they seek attention or give much attention,

They don’t need any validation, nor do they depend on anyone. The goal is to achieve anything without depending on others.


4. Relationships

Sigma males are always pursuing a dream, They are not much into the dating game, They put their goals before anything else, They read people like books especially womens,

They are quick to judge if a woman is a game player, gold digger, or a bitch with their experiences and knowledge they gained throughout their life, They know everyone is selfish in their own ways, no one behaves the same as they behave in person,

They only have like 1 to 2 close friends for companionship who are genuinely interested in them.

Signs You're A Sigma Male

5. Inner Confidence With Intelligence

Almost every Sigma male carries a dark side which makes him confident in critical situations, they tend to think things deeply with their emotions and analytical mind.

They always have an option to walk away, if someone crosses their boundary and has the strength to never look back.

They hate the system and don’t mind breaking the rules, Now this doesn’t mean Sigma males are criminals who break laws, No.

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Some say Sigma males are psychopaths or just filled with attitude species, Where some say they are judgemental or just way too introverted for facing the outside world. At last it just comes to a person’s perspective, They are not perfect beings, They too have flaws just like every human beings.

If you have further questions on this article please feel free to leave a comment, I will be happy to help you out