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How to Escape the Trap of Being Average Among Friends (Especially in your 20s)

In my early 20s, I was just average or even below average in terms of knowledge, physical fitness, academics, and communication. One day, I decided to change that. I embarked on a journey of self-improvement, pushing my limits and discovering my true potential. Join me as I share the steps I took and the lessons I learned on how to stop being average in your 20s.

Growing up in a lower-middle-class family like mine, finding a mentor can be tough. That’s where the magic of social media and books comes in. Reading books, especially ones that explore financial wisdom and personal growth from various angles, can be a game-changer on your journey to break free from being average.

1. Starting with books

Start reading books; they’re a treasure trove of wisdom and personal growth. When finding a mentor is a challenge, especially for those from middle-class backgrounds like mine, books become trusted guides.

They offer diverse perspectives, from finances to self-improvement. Reading isn’t just about words; it’s about learning from mentors, absorbing expert wisdom, and expanding horizons. Books are for all eager learners, an investment in personal growth that sets you apart, helping you escape the crowd.

2. Cultivating Your Inner Circle

Choose your tribe wisely; they define your vibe. Your social circle profoundly influences your life, molding your mindset, values, and ambitions. To break free from mediocrity, surround yourself with inspiring friends who push you to excel.

Seek those who share your passion for growth, engage in enriching conversations, and challenge your limits. Building a supportive, ambitious inner circle empowers you to rise above average and reach personal excellence.


3. Discovering Your Path 

In times of seeking more from life, we may feel lost, and unsure of our true calling. It can take years to find what truly fulfills us. Keep searching. Once you find it, nurture it. Platforms like YouTube offer a chance to improve your skills through tutorial videos.

It’s about mastery and making a difference. Embrace this journey as part of your growth. When you discover your purpose, let social media be your platform to shine and make a positive impact.

4. Embracing Social Media 

In our digital age, social media is a valuable tool for breaking free from mediocrity. It’s a hub of knowledge and skill-building. Whether you’re into personal finance, entrepreneurship, or anything else, social media platforms offer abundant educational content, like free YouTube tutorials and insightful podcasts.

Plus, platforms like Quora let you connect with like-minded folks, share experiences, and learn together. It’s not just about selfies and updates; social media is a treasure chest of learning waiting for you to dive in.

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5. Prioritizing Physical Health

Prioritizing Physical Health – Hitting the Gym: Taking care of your physical well-being is essential to break free from mediocrity. The gym isn’t just about muscles; it’s about discipline, energy, and feeling great. Even in your busy 20s, aim for the gym three times a week.

It’s not just about your body; it sharpens your mind, boosts focus, and clears thoughts. Regular exercise builds lifelong healthy habits and shows your commitment to self-improvement. Plus, it’s a place to meet like-minded people. Don’t underestimate how workouts can set you apart and help you excel among friends.


Identifying your unique qualities is a crucial step in escaping the trap of being average among friends in your 20s. By recognizing your passions, strengths, and values, you can not only stand out but also attract friends who resonate with your authentic self.


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