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MNCS Vs Startups.. The One Major Difference !?

After being over for a decade in the job market.

And after doing three career switches and more than 7 job switches(well exactly how a resume should not look, lol). However, it helped me gain knowledge on how different industries work in terms of technology, roles and what are some significant differences between small companies and big MNCs for an employee.

Quick note – Just planning to create a new YouTube channel for sharing some of my bits of knowledge more verbally and interactively. Videos will be live soon.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of MNCs.

MNC full form is Multinational Corporation, being said that most of us may keep MNCs as a priority thinking it provides more job security. But is it the only thing we should focus on?

The pros –

  • Yes, MNCs provide more job security as compared to startups.

  • You have a high chance of onsite opportunities as compared to startups.

  • Great packages when it comes to salary as MNCS has some great investors and their profit margins are most of the time high as compared to startups.

Cons –

  •  Most of the time you are easily replaceable. As MNCs have some great hiring systems.(not a problem if you are highly skilled).

  • Your superior will be getting the credits for your work most of the time.

  • You might have heard most people saying “Being stuck at 9 to 5 jobs”. Yes it’s true after 1 or 2 years you feel you are stuck with no path ahead (Not a problem if you love doing monotonous jobs).


Being in a startup

Pros –

  • We get a chance to work more closely with the CEO as most of the startups will be having employee strength of somewhere starting from 15 to 20 employees.

  • Way more growth in terms of technical or soft skills as compared to MNCs.

  • You will be more involved from top to bottom of the project which most likely gives less feeling of being in a 9 to 5 job.

Cons –

  • No job security you can get fired at any time. When the company runs out of money, 

  • Most startups have less manpower and funding which comparatively increases the working hours as compared to MNCs.

  • Startup founders hire more known people in their circle which results in a nepotism environment.

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Conclusion –

So what could be the first choice when you are accepting a job offer?

Yes, MNC tags can give a good reputation in your resume. But at the same time, the skills you learn from a startup make it a tie.

However, four things determine a good job.

       1. How is the work culture?

       2. How well are you getting along with your superiors?

       3. How good you are getting paid?

       4. How much of growth did you see in the first 2 months?

These are the four things that actually matter.

Not tags like MNCs or startups.

If more than 2 options don’t work in the company you just joined. Then you can start looking for another job as your journey could be miserable in such a company.

Keep our notifications on, as I will be covering “should you be working in a third party payroll as a self-taught developer” in the upcoming blog.

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