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The End Is Near…


As we all know, 2022 is coming to an end soon.

Got any guilt about not trying new things or achieving your 2022 goals yet?

What if I told you that you have a chance to add a valuable skillset to your resume by the end of 2022, that too without spending a single penny?

Remember those situations when your friend teaches you some important questions at the very last moment of an exam? and we used to understand things quickly as we had no other choice. Let’s just use the same phenomena. 

If you are new to coding. I would suggest mastering one language until you get confident in it.

Here Are The Top 5 Programming languages for 2023.


5. C++

Used to build browser compilers etc, With c++ you can work in Graphical user interface applications for eg: -Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator were made using c++.


Hindi – Introduction to C++, Installing VS Code, g++ & more | C++ Tutorials for Beginners #1

English – C++ Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course


4. C#

The syntax is more similar to java, C# is mostly used in web applications and games which are done using unity.


Hindi – C# Tutorial In Hindi

English – C# Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners

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3. Java

Mainly used in Mobile applications, and game applications. Java is used by Many product-based companies. Once you are familiar with Java, It will be easy to move to another languages.


Hindi – Java Tutorial for Beginners | Learn Java in 2 Hours

English – Java Tutorial for Beginners


2. Python

Python is the best programming language if you are just getting started in programming.  It is mostly used in machine learning, Automation ai, data science & web development, etc.


Hindi – Python Tutorial for Beginners | Learn Python in 1.5 Hours

English – Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]


1. Javascript

Also called js, in short, is widely used in front-end as well as backend web app development, game development, etc. It is one of the popular languages on the internet as currently there is more demand for web, and mob app developments.


Hindi – 🔴 Complete JavaScript Tutorial in Hindi in 2021

English – Modern JavaScript Tutorial #1 – Intro & Setup

Once you have got a good grasp on any of the languages, You can then create some projects on your own to showcase them on your portfolio.

GitHub, Gitlab & Netlify are some of the great places to share your work.


Keep our notifications on, as I will be covering “what would be the better choice between MNCs & startups as a self-taught developer” in the upcoming blog.


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