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Almost Gave Up Once. Learning This One New Skill…


At some point in life, we must have all felt drained from our job for being monotonous.

I was at a similar place once and started searching for a skill in which I can put my efforts into the long run.

Then I came across this skill which was challenging, exciting, and at the same time pays more than most of the jobs today.

Yes, Am talking about coding.

Coding is hard, that’s why we must learn it. Which in return gives many different perks.

1st Month

Things were tough, coding is like learning a new language for eg:- Spanish language, and solving problems inside that language. That thing becomes too hard and challenging to learn at first when you are self-learning.

However, that should not be a receding factor if you are passionate about coding.

3rd month

Learned most of the basic web development skills in HTML, CSS, and the basics of javascript.

Html and CSS should not take more than 1 month as they are mastered once you keep on applying.


Javascript is a programming language that consists of oops, So it will definitely take not less than 4 months, you can even learn in less time. If you are putting more effort and not learning from scratch.

Javascript has many different front-end libraries and frameworks. React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js are the popular ones.

I then moved on to learning one of javascript’s popular library “React.js”.

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5th month

Got the first job as a developer. Things look different when you are working on a large-scale project.

Where you have to be a good self-learner for grasping new skills used on the projects. And need to be pushing yourself to prove yourself every single day.

I started working there and targeted a bigger and better opportunity.

On the 17th month finally got an opportunity to work at one of India’s well-known reputed company, It should not take you so long, If you follow my upcoming blogs.


If you too are eager to start learning to code,

I would suggest you check out these youtube channels called “CodeWithHarry” and “Dev Ed”.

Getting a job in development is easy but to get a job that you deserve, that thing takes effort.

They say if you invest 10,000 hours into a skill you can be a master of that skill.


Keep our notifications on as I will be covering how can you learn to code for free or even on a low budget and the dos and don’ts for a self-taught developer.


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