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The One In-demand Skill Anyone Can Learn Within A Day


Did you ever clicked a link or got attracted by a sentence on an email’s subject or an ad copy?

Those sentences written in a way which are more towards giving benefits and getting people to take an action are written by a copyrighter.

What is copywriting?


In simple words, Copywriting is the art of selling through words.

Example – 

You see sentences like below

1. what is copywriting?

2.  The one in-demand skill anyone can learn within a day 

People will mostly click on the one which shows benefits rather than clicking on a link that just has plain and usual words.


What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?


Now comes the question, What is the key difference between a copywriter and a content writer?

A copywriter writes mostly for increasing business revenue. Like he/she writes sales emails, website copy, webinar scripts, Facebook or Google ads copy.

While a content writer writes mostly for blogs, for engagements in social media post captions, content on videos, or images that provide values.

Qualifications and job opportunities


Graduation in any field would be fine.

However, a copywriting career mostly depends on the portfolio of an individual, rather than graduation or post-graduation.

As a Copywriter, you can get jobs from any businesses which are mostly active online.

What would be the Salary?


Yes, you get a competitive salary from many companies starting from 15k(as a fresher) to even lakhs if you are highly skilled and have a good network.

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How to learn the copywriting skill?


The cool part is you can learn this skill even within a day if you have good knowledge of English, but on the flip side, It takes months or even years to master it like any other skill.

There are plenty of courses for improving this skill, but if you want it to be budget-friendly you can read some of the best copywriting books mentioned below.


1. The Boron Letters

2. Ogilvy On Advertising

3. Cashvertising


If you don’t want to invest in any copywriting course or books and just want to start learning copywriting as a hobby you can search “Kopywriting course” or “Alex Cattoni on YouTube. Which are mostly towards growing as a copywriter.

You can also start writing blogs which helps gain attention from other copywriters or a company that is looking for a copywriter.


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