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How You Can Also Become A Job Ready Full Stack Developer with 0 investments


Yes, we all know that codings are complicated stuff. But if you are more of a curious person when it comes to technology,

you will be able to learn these skills without a degree or even without any investments. (However, you need a laptop or Pc with an internet connection)

Note – This will be more helpful only when you are jobless and want to learn a new skill, Not for encouraging anyone to leave your studies or your current job.

I will guide you on how you can start your coding journey only through some of the best free online stuffs.

Who is a full-stack developer?

As a full-stack developer, you will be handling both the front-end side, the backend side & the databases. Now, what are the front-end side, backend side & databases?

In simple words, The front end side is what you can see like the UI and the interaction while the backend side  & databases is more on the server side which works behind the scenes.

Becoming a Mern Stack Developer

You can start by learning HTML which is a basic language to getting started in web development. 

Html, CSS, and javascript are used in the front end while node js for backend and Mongo DB for the database

After learning the core concepts you can move to some of the best javascript frameworks like Angular, React, or vue.js. While react is in the boom.

Javascript frameworks are nothing but a set of javascript libraries which are made to make javascript even more powerful and less complicated.

M – Mongodb

E – Express node.js

R – React

N – Node.js

Which is known as Mern stack developer

Considering these languages you must be taking 3 months for front-end and 3 months for learning backend and databases starting from HTML investing at least 10 to 12 hours a day. Yes, it’s hard so as coding is.

Where you can start learning without investing money?

Here are some of the best YouTube channels which can help you get started they are not in order every channel is great in its way.


Dev Ed

Apna College

Thapa Technical 

Programming with Mosh 

Clever Programmer



Other Best Websites to learn





What would be the Salary?

If you are starting as a fresher you will be paid around 15k to 30/month as a starting pay, then as you gain more & more experiences, there are no boundaries for your income.

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Things To Consider


  • Once you have gained a good knowledge on web development and getting into a job you can then try a paid course on udemy my suggestion –The Complete 2021 Web Development Bootcamp

  • Start learning data structures and algorithms which will open more gates in product-based companies which offer high-paying packages.

  • Start coding  early instead of just watching tutorials (Mistake I did)

  • Stay consistent until you reach the desired goal

  • Don’t start learning frameworks before having a good grasp of the languages


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